LED Sign Services

LED Sign Services

LED Sign Services

At MaxxLite, we know that visibility is important to your business or organization. Whether you run a restaurant or shop, bowling alley or bank, church or car dealership, people need to see you in order to visit your premises or use your services.

MaxxLite can increase your visibility with LED signs services. Our American-made signs are designed to enhance business applications with high-quality graphics and videos. We have been in the business of services for LED signs for 40 years, and our decades of experience makes us the most reliable provider in the business.

Selecting the Resolution for your LED Sign    

The smaller the Pitch (Resolution in "mm") the higher the clarity

All Options are Full Color TEXT, Graphics and Video

LED Sign Services

Pixels Per SqFt:  10MM = 929  |  16MM = 363  |  20MM = 232

High-Resolution Signage

Our services for LED signs include signage with full-color text, graphics, and video capabilities. We offer three display options to match any application circumstances. When selecting your display, keep in mind that the smaller the pitch — which is denoted in millimeters — the higher the image clarity.

We offer signs in the following resolutions:

10mm. With 929 pixels per square foot, this option offers the highest-quality visual impact with crisp graphics. Choose this option if your sign will see lots of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
16mm. This midrange solution will serve any business or organization with 363 pixels per square foot.

MaxxLite’s services for LED signs can be distributed nationwide, so no matter your location, you can benefit from our quality products and prices. We keep our standards high with proprietary engineering and fabrication, so we are able to oversee the assembly of your sign and assure its quality.

Enhanced Visibility

Don’t let customers pass by your grocery store, shopping center, bar, or dental office. Increase your business or organization’s visibility with LED sign services from MaxxLite. View examples of our signs below, and contact us by calling (248) 339-0111. To inquire about prices or further information, message us online.

MaxxLite LED Signs offers Nationwide LED Displays 

expanding upon the four decades of service, 

proprietary fabrication & engineering.

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MaxxLite LED Signs are Full Color  Text, Graphics & Video.

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Confidence in Buying American Made LED Signs


Technical Data 10mm LED Displays 16mm LED Displays
LED Module Size 12.6" x 12.6" 12.6" x 12.6"
LED Module Pixels 32 x 32 20 x 20
Pixel Density 10,000/sqm (929/sqft) 3,906/sqm (363/sqft)
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Scanning Mode 1/4 - Real Pixel Static - Real Pixel
Brightness >8,500 Nits >10,000 Nits
Power (Max / SqFt) 46.5 watts 51.1 watts
Power (Ave / SqFt) 37.2 watts 40.0 watts
Viewing Angle 120H, 80V 120H, 80V
Working Temp. -40F to 140F -40F to 140F
Cabinet Type Aluminum Aluminum
Contrast Ratio 3000 : 1 3000 : 1
Refresh Rate 2500 Hz 2500 Hz
Gray Scale 16 Bit 16 Bit
Colors 281 Trillion 281 Trillion
LED Life-Span 50,000 - 100,000 Hrs 50,000 - 100,000 Hrs
Display Type True Outdoor True Outdoor
Power Supply Input 110V or 220V 110V or 220V


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LED Sign Services

LED Sign Services

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Key Features:

-True Outdoor Displays

-281 Trillion Colors

-Aluminum Cabinets

-Air Cooling System

-Front Serviceable LED

-Interchangeable Modules

-Lower Power Consumption

-Super Brightness

-Powerful Playlist Software






10MM = 929 PIXELS / SQFT

16MM = 363 PIXELS / SQFT

20MM = 232 PIXELS / SQFT

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